Why the Log-out function is not working in web chat?

Why the Log-out function is not working in web chat?

For the logout button, please note it is only available for the Facebook platform and it is only working if you have used the account linking function with the login button before.

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      There are many scenarios in Facebook Messenger that require us to create an in-app web-view. One of them is an account linking with a Facebook login. Some clients rely heavily on a user's Facebook login to identify the user's account. However, since ...
    • What is Log?

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    • How can I set up the persistent menu?

      You may set up the persistent menu under the Platform section in each channel. Please refer to our documentation for details. Please note that only Web Chat and Facebook Messenger support the persistent menu.
    • Can we customize the start button for webchat?

      Yes, you could now customize the payload of the get started button for your webchat in the Webchat channel. The default payload will be GET_STARTED if no payload is added.
    • Can I customize a web chat based on the Stella Web Chat plug-in?

      We do not suggest building your web chat on our existing Stella web chat plug-in. Instead, you should build your own web chat back-end and UI, and host the web chat.