Why can’t I click confirm if I choose the Free trial plan for WhatsApp?

Why can’t I click confirm if I choose the Free trial plan for WhatsApp?

WhatsApp channels are not included in the Free Trial plan as WhatsApp requires to have a dedicated server for each WhatsApp number. We will start and charge the monthly subscription (i.e. US$99) once you have completed WABA onboarding and deployed the WhatsApp server

Since the US$10 credit included in the Free Trial plan is only for users using the Facebook Messenger and Web Chat Channel, the On-Demand Plan will be automatically selected for you if you have added a WhatsApp Pending Channel. 

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    • How to change plan?

      If you would like to change your plan or subscription, please edit on the subscription page: 1. Go to Settings and select Subscription in Billing 2. Click Change Subscription and click Confirm after selected the new plan If you switch from ...
    • How should I choose a phone number for WhatsApp?

      You must use a valid phone number and include the country and area code. The phone number must be able to receive calls or SMS for account verification. There are 3 types of eligible phone numbers: - Landlines - Cell phones – can be used as long as ...
    • What will happen after the free trial?

      You will be changed to the On-Demand plan after a free trial. In this plan, we will charge according to the Monthly Active Users (MAU) you have per month. Please click here for more details on MAU.
    • Could I switch my plan anytime?

      Yes, you can. If you switch from the on-demand plan to the reserved plan, the changes will be effective immediately.  However, if you switch from the reserved plan to the on-demand plan, the changes will be effective starting the next month.  For ...
    • How many active users allowed under the free trial version?

      You will have a $10 credit in the free trial and the price per MAU is $0.1. Therefore you will have 100 active users under the free trial. Please click here for the pricing details.