Where can I find the Organisation ID or Organisation Name?

Where can I find the Organisation ID or Organisation Name?

1. Go to Settings.
2. You can find the Organisation ID and Organisation Name under Basic info.

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    • How to change our Organisation Name?

      Please submit a ticket to our Support team here if you would like to change your Organisation Name. You could find the Organisation Name and ID in the Settings.
    • Can we change the App Name (Stella) in Slack?

      The app/ bot name cannot be changed if you have subscribed to our Stella Slack App. You can only change the app name if the app is owned by your team (custom app).
    • Where can I find the Channel ID?

      Please follow the procedure below to find your Channel ID: Click "Channels" on the horizontal panel bar. You will see a list of your connected channels. Find the Channel you would like to check the Channel ID for and click "Edit". The Channel ID will ...
    • Where can I find my Facebook Manager ID?

      You could find your Facebook Manager ID on the Facebook Manager setting page. 1. Go to Business settings. 2. Click Business info. 3. Below Business Manager info, you'll see your ID number.
    • Where can I find the Datasource ID?

      You could check the Datasource ID at the top of the page when you view the data source details. Please click here for more details.