What is a master switch?

What is a master switch?

The master switch is a toggle to turn the chatbot ON or OFF on a Channel.

1. Go to Channels.
2. Click Edit on your channel.
3. Find the Master Switch at the top left panel, above the Channel Info.

You could also find the Channel Status next to the Channel name on the Channel overview page.

Click here for more details on "Channels".

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    • Will there be any charges on MAU, after users witch off “Master Switch” for the specific channel?

      Stella will still charge MAU even users have switched off the master switch as the messages still passing our webhook. We would suggest users delete (for Webchat), unsubscribe channel (for Facebook, Instagram, Slack) or terminate the channel (for ...
    • Could I switch my plan anytime?

      Yes, you can. If you switch from the on-demand plan to the reserved plan, the changes will be effective immediately.  However, if you switch from the reserved plan to the on-demand plan, the changes will be effective starting the next month.  For ...
    • Where can I find the Channel ID?

      Please follow the procedure below to find your Channel ID: Click "Channels" on the horizontal panel bar. You will see a list of your connected channels. Find the Channel you would like to check the Channel ID for and click "Edit". The Channel ID will ...
    • Can we search a channel?

      Yes, Stella now supports users filter channels by platform type and search a channel by the channel name or description on the Channels page. 1.  Filter channels by platform type 2. Search a channel by the channel name or description
    • How to change Channel Name?

      1. Go to Channels 2. Edit your channel 3. You could change your channel name and despscription in the Channel Info