What should I do if there is no response from the chatbot?

What should I do if there is no response from the chatbot?

Please check the following on Stella:

  1. Click on Member on the top horizontal panel of Stella

  2. Filter and find the member with the unresponsive issue.

  3. Select Details of the corresponding member.

  4. Check if the live chat status of the member is "ON". If so, you may toggle it "OFF".

  5. Head to Channels and check if the channel is turned off, the status should be green if it is on.

  6. If the Office Hour Availability is toggled on but no time is set, it will run non-office hour by default and if there is no tree in the non-office hour setting, there will be no response. Thus, please set up the office hour time in the Business Availability for your channel and add a tree in the office hour tree section, or toggle off the function. 

  7. Click Edit and check if the expected chatbot tree is added to the channel you are currently testing on.

  8. Head to Priority Group and check if you are in any of the priority groups. If so, please make sure your priority group contains the expected chatbot tree in the Channels.

  9. Find your chatbot tree in Tree Manager and check if any of your Global Nodes are connected to your channel. The ones which are used for entry points should be added to your channel.

  10. Make sure the trigger/ action/ response/ analytics of each node is properly set up in your chatbot tree.

You could also check the logs at https://build.stellabot.com/logs for debugging the issue. ‚ÄčFor details about logs view, please click here.

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