What is WhatsApp Conversation-Based Pricing?

What is WhatsApp Conversation-Based Pricing?

Starting February 1st, 2022, WhatsApp will switch from a notification-based pricing model to a conversation-based pricing model. Instead of being charged for notifications sent, businesses will be charged per conversation, which includes all messages delivered within a 24-hour period. 

How It Works
WhatsApp Business API conversations fall into two categories that are priced differently:
  • User-initiated, like customer care and general support inquiries.
  • Business-initiated, like post purchase notifications.

All conversations are measured in 24-hour increments, or "sessions", that start whenever the first message is delivered by a business. The first message can be initiated by the business (business-initiated) or a business reply within 24 hours of a user message (user-initiated). A user is defined as the person or entity with whom the business is messaging.

Charges for conversations are based on the user’s phone number. Rates for business-initiated conversations and user-initiated conversations vary by market (country or region). See Rates for specific pricing information.

Free Tier Conversations
The first 1,000 conversations each month will be free, so your business can start to build experiences your customers will love before having to pay. Each WABA gets 1,000 free tier conversations. Free tier conversations can be business-initiated or user-initiated.