What is Trigger?

What is Trigger?

Trigger is a way to notify a node to send its response message. With the right trigger, the end user can enter the right node in a conversation flow.
In general, a node can be matched by computing its trigger in the following ways:
  1. Developer-defined payload
  2. Keyword entered by users
  3. Intent matches with user input
  4. User comment on Facebook post
  5. URL parameters in m.me short link
Click here to learn more about trigger.

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    • Why can't I save the trigger?

      Please check if you have created the trigger in the "Advanced" setting previously. If so, you could not apply the "Basic" setting to your trigger because the "Advanced" setting will override the "Basic" setting.
    • How to trigger with sticker only?

      If you would like to trigger the node only with sticker, please create a trigger with the condition below: 1. Go to a node in Stella bot builder 2. Create a new Trigger in the node inspector 3. Click "+ New Condition" in the right Condition panel 4. ...
    • How do I set up a text trigger?

      While building your tree,  you can head to "Trigger" in the node inspector and select the type of trigger you would like to apply. For example, you can locate "Keyword", type your text into the "keyword" area, and click "Save". Click here to learn ...
    • Why the member in the priority group cannot trigger the testing tree?

      Please check if the member selected is from the same channel of the testing tree, especially for the WhatsApp channel as their External ID (phone number) is the same. You could check the channel of the selected tester in the priority group.
    • What is payload?

      Payload is used for users to make button clicks. You can name your payload in any way you want, just note that the payload name is case-sensitive. The payload name also must match the payload set in the responses in order to trigger that particular ...