What is the maximum character limit of WhatApp Template Message?

What is the maximum character limit of WhatApp Template Message?

In general, the character limit of BODY is 1,024 characters and the character limit of HEADER and FOOTER is the same, both are 60 characters.

However, this character limit does NOT apply to variable(s) within the message template. So far from our testing, we discover that there is no character limit set for the variable(s), which means you can in fact input a long message in the variable that exceeds the standard character limits.

Example: long message in the message template

Here's another interesting finding of the character limit of each WhatsApp message bubble: when a WhatsApp message bubble contains 99,997 characters or more, WhatsApp Web will not be able to show the message properly. Yet, you could still read it normally on WhatsApp App.

Cannot display the message on WhatsApp Web

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