What is Stella Inbox?

What is Stella Inbox?

Stella Inbox is a useful application for customer service that provides you with easy and convenient functions to handle WhatsApp inquiries alongside the help of the WhatsApp chatbot. When a customer is interacting with your chatbot on WhatsApp, you can simultaneously monitor their conversation on Slack in the Stella Inbox. You can also switch off the chatbot and start a live chat with the customer by typing or sending templated messages. Please refer to the documentation here for more details.

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    • How do I apply my API to Stella?

      Stella is a highly customizable bot building tool and provides the flexibility to build a personalized chatbot flow for any business use case. You can make use of actions in Stella, which includes both Pre-actions and Post-actions. Please refer to ...
    • What is a customer support/ care message?

      Customer support/ care messages consist of two types of messages, the User-Initiated Messages, and the Business-Initiated Messages. Please click here for more details. 
    • Where can I find the Stella version?

      1. Go to Settings. 2. You can find the Stella version in the Basic info section.
    • How to add more channels to my Stella Inbox?

      You are able to manually integrate a channel by selecting the "Integrate" button at the CHANNEL INTEGRATION of the inbox portal. You will be able to view all the channels in your Stella App, and whether they are integrated with the Stella Inbox.
    • How to use Stella API ?

      Stella API is built around GraphQL. At https://playground.openapi.stellabot.com/, you are able to test and try out our GraphQL Open API with the following endpoint URL: https://openapi.stellabot.com/v2.2. For more details, please click here.