What is Data Source?

What is Data Source?

Data Source is the place where you create a mini-database for your chatbot.


We recommend you use Data Source to facilitate the making of a FAQ chatbot. You simply need to store the database of your frequently asked questions in Data Source and set up the connection to the specific Data Source in responses to have the questions and answers displayed properly. You may make live changes by importing the new .CSV at any time.


Please click here for more details on the Data Source.

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    • Can I apply the existing FAQ structure to a new chatbot flow?

      Yes, you can duplicate the existing FAQ tree for the new chatbot flow. Please also create a new data source and update the new data source ID in the "Actions" of the tree nodes of your FAQ tree. You can refer to here for details.
    • Could I save any chatbot user data and create a custom report by myself?

      You could use the data source to create a report. However, this will require the creation of advanced pre-actions in each node. Please refer to the Reference documentation for more details.
    • Where can I find the Datasource ID?

      You could check the Datasource ID at the top of the page when you view the data source details. Please click here for more details.
    • Why can't the answer for a FAQ question show?

      There could be 2 reasons why the FAQ chatbot does not display the answer. 1. The Parse JSON option is not toggled on, so the Keyword Group in the data source will be displayed as below (with \) and could not be matched in the FAQ   chatbot. The ...
    • How to set up FAQ Chatbot?

      Our Standard Procedure Documentation will show you a step-by-step guideline on building your FAQ Chatbot on Stella. It will also highlight tips you should pay attention to during your chatbot building journey. For more details, please click here.