What is Dashboard?

What is Dashboard?

Dashboard is the section where you can find the analytics and tracking of all your chatbots and users. There are six basic reports available:



1.     Users Report

2.     Analytics Report

3.     Ticketing Report

4.     NLP Analytics Report

5.     Comment Reply Report

6.     WhatsApp Analytics Report


You may also select to view the analytics within a certain period by filtering in the top right date picker.

Please click here to see more details on Dashboard.

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    • What is the User Messages in dashboard?

      User Messages is the number of user actions (e.g. send text, click on a button, upload media, etc). Please click here to see more details about Dashboard.
    • What is the status in the Ticketing Dashboard referring to?

      Different ticket status is labelled into different colors in the Ticketing Dashboard: Color Description Purple Total number of tickets of the 4 status below Grey Total number of tickets that has NOT been assigned in a selected period of time Yellow ...
    • What is analytics?

      Analytics is a function that counts the number of times users pass through a node. By creating analytics with “Category”, “Action” and “Label” on any node, you can classify and segmentize the user journey on Stella. You may visualize the analytic ...
    • Where can I check the number of users subscribed to my chatbot?

      Go to "Dashboard" and head to the Users section. You will be able to check the total number of active or new users.
    • Where can I check the analytics labelling data I set in each nodes?

      Go to "Dashboard" and head to the Analytics section. There, you will see the number of "count" and "unique count" under each category/action/label. "Count" refers to the number of interactions in the corresponding node. "Unique count" refers to the ...