What are the Pros of using private and public cloud Stella?

What are the Pros of using private and public cloud Stella?

Pros for using private-cloud Stella:
- Better security that can be fully in compliance with your in-house security policy
- Faster chatbot response time (as you may adopt VMs in a bigger size)
- More stable
- May have customized feature (customization at an extra cost)

Pros for public SaaS Stella:
- Cheaper costs
- Faster setup
- Enjoy access to beta features
- Auto version upgrade
You could register and start building your bot in our public SaaS Stella now! Please contact Stella Support at support@stellabot.com if you would like to set up a private cloud Stella.

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      1. Go to Settings. 2. You can find the Stella version in the Basic info section.
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