Is there any preview function to test the chatbot in Stella?

Is there any preview function to test the chatbot in Stella?

There is no preview function to test the tree in Stella, but you could connect and test your chatbot with a Webchat or a testing Facebook page instead.

You could refer to our Get Started guide to start building your Chatbot

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      To create a Facebook Page for testing my chatbot: Go to Click to choose a Category. Fill out the required information. Click Create Page. 5. After creating a Facebook testing page, you could follow the guide here to connect ...
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    • How do I test the chatbot privately?

      You could create a channel with a testing platform (i.e. a dummy Facebook Page) on Channels and add the completed chatbot tree to your testing platform to test your chatbot. In addition, you may set up groups of selected testers to allow certain ...
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      Currently, Stella does not support image preview for any media uploaded from the attachment ID uploader.  You can visit here for more details about media library.