How to set up the "@stella template" command for a CS agent to use the template and send it to the customer in WhatsApp?

How to set up the "@stella template" command for a CS agent to use the template and send it to the customer in WhatsApp?

1. Create a tree node in the WhatsApp tree with the WhatsApp message template response to users. Please click here for the set up details.

2. Set up a Slack command (both tree and global node) for sending the template in the slack tree and add below pre-action [Slack - Redirect inlet member to whatsapp template node] in the tree node:
return new Promise(async(resolve) => {
const group = await this.getGroupByExternalId({
adminExternalId: this.messageEvent.from,
active: false,

const member = await this.getMember({ memberId: group.member })
await this.redirectMemberToNode({
memberId: member._id,
treeId: "5f61cf674eeccd0008c53974",
nodeCompositeId: "mO9i0OS16PAs3Dyp",
channelId: "5e747a9f1a56b300082a9a0a

3. Fill in the treeId and nodeCompositeId of the WhatsApp tree node and the channelId (of the WhatsApp channel) which is highlighted in the above action.

4. You could also add a response in the slack tree node to inform the CS the template is sent.

Please click here to see the related documentation and set up preaction to node here.

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