How to find the WABA ID in Facebook if we are using embedded signup?

How to find the WABA ID in Facebook if we are using embedded signup?

You may select the Facebook Business account that you have created a WABA with the embedded signup before. Then, you could find the WABA and their ID in the WhatsApp Manager.

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      If you would like to use the same phone number with another WABA, you could request a phone migration to our Support team. (This only applies for migrating the phone number from another BSP to Stella) Please note we could only migrate the number to a ...
    • Can I migrate a number registered through the Embedded Sign Up flow?

      A number registered through the Embedded Signup flow can be migrated if business verification, WhatsApp account review, and display name reviews are completed, and the number is no longer in the unverified trial experience. Please click here to see ...
    • Where can I find my Facebook Manager ID?

      You could find your Facebook Manager ID on the Facebook Manager setting page. 1. Go to Business settings. 2. Click Business info. 3. Below Business Manager info, you'll see your ID number.
    • Can we change the connected WABA number?

      Yes, you can click "Reset" to you restart the embedded signup flow of your WhatsApp channel. The old WABA channel will be archived and a new WABA channel will be created after reset. You could then click "Start WABA Setup" to start the WABA set up ...
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