How to change the webhook of the approved WABA?

How to change the webhook of the approved WABA?

You can locate the WhatsApp Client endpoint URL and login information on your WhatsApp Channel on Stella. Please access the endpoint to change the webhook for your own use.

Please see the related documentation here and see your WhatsApp Channel on Stella here.

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    • Can I change the WhatsApp number before Deployment?

      Yes, you can change the number before the deployment. If your WABA is created with embedded signup, you should be able to access the WhatsApp Manager. Click the "Add Phone Number" on the top right corner to add the new number with the same display ...
    • Can we change the connected WABA number?

      Yes, you can click "Reset" to you restart the embedded signup flow of your WhatsApp channel. The old WABA channel will be archived and a new WABA channel will be created after reset. You could then click "Start WABA Setup" to start the WABA set up ...
    • How to migrate a phone number to a different WABA?

      If you would like to use the same phone number with another WABA, you could request a phone migration to our Support team. (This only applies for migrating the phone number from another BSP to Stella) Before You Start To be eligible for migration, ...
    • How to change Channel Name?

      1. Go to Channels 2. Edit your channel 3. You could change your channel name and despscription in the Channel Info
    • How to change our Organisation Name?

      Please submit a ticket to our Support team here if you would like to change your Organisation Name. You could find the Organisation Name and ID in the Settings.