How many active users allowed under the free trial version?

How many active users allowed under the free trial version?

You will have a $10 credit in the free trial and the price per MAU is $0.1. Therefore you will have 100 active users under the free trial.

Please click here for the pricing details. 
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    • What is Daily Active Users?

      Daily Active Users present the chatbot performance on a daily basis and users can see the day-by-day changes of the active users. You could also export the Daily Active Users report for more details. Please click here for more Daily Active Users ...
    • What is a monthly active user (MAU)?

      When a user sends a message to one of your channels (Facebook Messengers, Web Chat, and WhatsApp), it will be counted as an active user. In the event that businesses send out a push notification via Push Panel or Stella API (Send Response /Redirect ...
    • What will happen after the free trial?

      You will be changed to the On-Demand plan after a free trial. In this plan, we will charge according to the Monthly Active Users (MAU) you have per month. Please click here for more details on MAU.
    • Where can I check the number of users subscribed to my chatbot?

      Go to "Dashboard" and head to the Users section. You will be able to check the total number of active or new users.
    • Why can’t I click confirm if I choose the Free trial plan for WhatsApp?

      WhatsApp channels are not included in the Free Trial plan as WhatsApp requires to have a dedicated server for each WhatsApp number. We will start and charge the monthly subscription (i.e. US$99) once you have completed WABA onboarding and deployed ...