How is your platform protecting my data privacy?

How is your platform protecting my data privacy?

You may read our Stella Terms of Service here, and Stella Privacy Policy here.

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    • How does Stella ensure security and data privacy?

      We consider our users' privacy and the security of their personal information to be extremely important. We adopt database encryption and HTTPS encryption as well as maintain a set of standard password policies on the Stella system. You could read ...
    • Where can I check the data saved in actions, such as the choices made by the users?

      You can check the temp data on the member details page. Please click here for more details.
    • What is Data Source?

      Data Source is the place where you create a mini-database for your chatbot.   We recommend you use Data Source to facilitate the making of a FAQ chatbot. You simply need to store the database of your frequently asked questions in Data Source and set ...
    • Where can we check the platform status?

      You could access the Official Status Page of Facebook, WhatsApp Business API and Slack in the Channels by clicking the health status label next to the platform type.  You could also check the Official Status Page by following these links: ...
    • Could I download or export the data source?

      You may export the data source in .CSV format by selecting the "Export" button in each data source.