How do we set up multimedia (Video/Image/Document) in WhatsApp template?

How do we set up multimedia (Video/Image/Document) in WhatsApp template?

You could select Media in the Header when you are creating a WhatsApp template in Channels. 

Please also select a media type and add a sample for WhatsApp approval.

Please refer to our documentation here on how to submit a WhatsApp template message.
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    • How to get the id if sending a media template via API?

      The "id" is for the image using media ID, you will need to upload the media to WhatsApp to get the attachment ID first and send then media with ID. The attachment id can be used for a template or normal message. 1. You could upload the file to get ...
    • Can we send 2 images in the WhatsApp template?

      No, you could only include 1 image or media in a WhatsApp template. Please either use a Media ID or URL to send a media, no need to fill in both fields.  Please refer to our documentation here on how to submit a WhatsApp template message.
    • Is it possible to send media files like image on HSM (Highly Structured Messages/ Templated Message)?

      Yes, it is possible to send an image on HSM. Follow this guide to get the media message approved and click here to submit your message template after choosing your channel.
    • How to upload a multimedia file?

      You may upload the multimedia file to the "Media Library". Once you have uploaded, you will get an URL link of the attachment and you can apply it to the response in any nodes you like. Please click here to see the related documentation.
    • What is Media Library?

      Media Library is the section where you can upload media files to be used in the chatbot response. You can upload images, videos, audio, and files.   You can display the media library in two different views: 1. List View    2. Grid View Please click ...