How do I implement Facebook login in Messenger browser (web-view)?

How do I implement Facebook login in Messenger browser (web-view)?

There are many scenarios in Facebook Messenger that require us to create an in-app web-view. One of them is an account linking with a Facebook login. Some clients rely heavily on a user's Facebook login to identify the user's account.

However, since Facebook Messenger will block any pop-up window that appear within the in-app web-view, the login button provided by Facebook Javascript SDK on the web-view will not work in this situation.

To resolve this, we suggest you manually create a login flow for users on that landing page.

  1. Go to Facebook App Dashboard. Under "Products", choose Facebook Login > Settings.
  2. Under "Client OAuth Settings", switch on an option called Embedded Browser OAuth Login.
  3. Add your custom redirect URL(s) under "Valid OAuth Redirect URIs".

Custom Redirect URL(s) Configuration
  1. Follow the official Facebook guide to set up a Facebook login by Redirect URL.

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