How can I set up the persistent menu?

How can I set up the persistent menu?

You may set up the persistent menu under the Platform section in each channel.

Please refer to our documentation for details.

Please note that only Web Chat and Facebook Messenger support the persistent menu.

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    • What is the persistent menu?

      The Persistent Menu is a navigation menu located right next to the typing area to help users more easily access your chatbot’s functionality throughout the conversation. See more details here.
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      There are many scenarios in Facebook Messenger that require us to create an in-app web-view. One of them is an account linking with a Facebook login. Some clients rely heavily on a user's Facebook login to identify the user's account. However, since ...
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    • Where can we edit the Webchat menu bar at below?

      You could update the persistent menu for webchat in the webchat platform page.  Please refer to the persistent menu documentation for more details.
    • How many buttons can I have in the persistent menu?

      You can have a maximum of 20 buttons for the Facebook persistent menu. However, there is no limit for Webchat. You can update your persistent menu in the Platform section of your Channels. Please click here for more details on the persistent menu.