How can I send messages to my customer?

How can I send messages to my customer?

You can use our platform Stella or call the API directly to do so. You will not be able to use any mobile WhatsApp app to send messages to users.

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    • What is a customer support/ care message?

      Customer support/ care messages consist of two types of messages, the User-Initiated Messages, and the Business-Initiated Messages. Please click here for more details. 
    • Is it possible to send buttons in a WhatsApp messages to a customer?

      Yes, it is possible to send a button via HSM (Highly Structured Messages/ WhatsApp Template Message) to a customer. Follow this guide to get the button message approved.
    • Can I send stickers to WhatsApp?

      Yes, you can send stickers to WhatsApp. Upload a .webp sticker file via our Attachment ID uploader. Then, copy & save the media id. Put the below code in a transformed response:  return new Promise((resolve) => { resolve ({ "type": "STICKER", ...
    • Why does it say I have reached the limit even though I haven't sent 1K template messages today?

      This is because WhatsApp uses 24 hours of incoming and outgoing messages to calculate the limit, so the number of messages that can be sent will be different for each time period. It does not reset at a certain time of the day.
    • What is Stella Inbox?

      Stella Inbox is a useful application for customer service that provides you with easy and convenient functions to handle WhatsApp inquiries alongside the help of the WhatsApp chatbot. When a customer is interacting with your chatbot on WhatsApp, you ...