How can I preview the webchat design and have a chat with it?

How can I preview the webchat design and have a chat with it?

For the Webchat preview or testing, please go to the Platform section of your Webchat channel. You could find the full page Webchat link for your chatbot in the "Test Your Bot".

We also provided the "Head Script" and "Body Script" for you to apply to your website.  Please find the Webchat Standard procedure here for your reference.

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    • Is there any preview function to test the chatbot in Stella?

      There is no preview function to test the tree in Stella, but you could connect and test your chatbot with a Webchat or a testing Facebook page instead. You could refer to our Get Started guide to start building your Chatbot
    • How to install the Facebook Chat Plugin to Shopify?

      1. Head to Shopify Admin Panel. 2. Head to Sales Channels. Under Online Store, click Themes to open the Themes page. 3. Below the Current Theme section, click Customize. 4. You will see a preview of the shop. Click on Theme actions. 5. In the pop-up ...
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    • Where can we edit the Webchat menu bar at below?

      You could update the persistent menu for webchat in the webchat platform page.  Please refer to the persistent menu documentation for more details.
    • For the icon of webchat, may I know if it is possible to make it bigger?

      You could add the below style tag in your webpage <head> and update the webchat icon scale highlighted in green: <style type="text/css"> #__radiate-webchat-button { transform: scale(1.1); transform-origin: bottom; } </style>