How can I get the file URL from the WhatsApp media ID?

How can I get the file URL from the WhatsApp media ID?

Please refer to the API documentation to get the WhatsApp file URL by Media ID.

he access token can be generated on the Stella platform. For more details, please click here.

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    • How to get the id if sending a media template via API?

      The "id" is for the image using media ID, you will need to upload the media to WhatsApp to get the attachment ID first and send then media with ID. The attachment id can be used for a template or normal message. 1. You could upload the file to get ...
    • How can I find the channel that the media file has been uploaded to?

      You may follow the steps below: Select Attachment ID History on the top right corner of the bot builder. Click the arrow of the uploaded file for more details. You will see the channel name, Facebook Page ID or WhatsApp number, and the created date ...
    • How to upload a multimedia file?

      You may upload the multimedia file to the "Media Library". Once you have uploaded, you will get an URL link of the attachment and you can apply it to the response in any nodes you like. Please click here to see the related documentation.
    • Can we send 2 images in the WhatsApp template?

      No, you could only include 1 image or media in a WhatsApp template. Please either use a Media ID or URL to send a media, no need to fill in both fields.  Please refer to our documentation here on how to submit a WhatsApp template message.
    • Why is there no image preview when I apply media ID/attachment ID in the response?

      Currently, Stella does not support image preview for any media uploaded from the attachment ID uploader.  You can visit here for more details about media library.