How can I check the approval status of my client's sandbox number?

How can I check the approval status of my client's sandbox number?

During the embedded sign-up flow, your client must have an existing or new Facebook Business Manager.

The status of approval is available in WhatsApp Manager.

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    • What is the use of the Reconnect button in the WhatsApp channel?

      You use the Reconnect button to connect to the WABA number again with a verification code if you change the display name and the new display name has been approved. ​ Please click here to see more details about Check Approval Status.
    • Could we remove client account in the partner portal?

      Currently, you could not remove the client account in the partner portal. Please submit a ticket to our Support team if you would like to terminate a client account.
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    • What things do I need to pass the WhatsApp sandbox environment?

      The sandbox mode will be changed to live mode automatically once all the following verifications are verified or approved. Business Verification: Verified WABA Account: Approved Display Name: Approved Please click here for the details on how to check ...
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      Sandbox Live Service Expiry 30-day period only, if you do not get approval from all WhatsApp Checks, you will be terminated automatically. Until you plan to terminate. Availability Starts:  Once setup is completed. Once three verifications are ...