Could I switch my plan anytime?

Could I switch my plan anytime?

Yes, you can.

If you switch from the on-demand plan to the reserved plan, the changes will be effective immediately

However, if you switch from the reserved plan to the on-demand plan, the changes will be effective starting the next month

For more details on the plans, click here.

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    • What is the difference between On-Demand and Reserved plans?

      On-Demand plans Enjoy pay-as-you-grow on monthly active users, you will only pay according to the number of Monthly Active Users (MAUs) of your chatbots. Reserved plans Pick a reserved plan to enjoy the discounts, you will pay according to the price ...
    • How to change plan?

      If you would like to change your plan or subscription, please edit on the subscription page: 1. Go to Settings and select Subscription in Billing 2. Click Change Subscription and click Confirm after selected the new plan If you switch from ...
    • How to unsubscribe/cancel a subscription on Stella?

      You can cancel the subscription anytime, please submit a ticket to our Stella support if you would like to cancel the subscription. - For the Reserved plan, the termination will be done at the end of each month. - For the On-Demand Plan, the ...
    • Can we pay for the WhatsApp channel after getting WhatsApp approval instead of paying the $99 reserved plan immediately?

      Yes, you could choose the on-demand plan with a WhatsApp channel and pay by MAU after deployment. If you choose the reserved MAU plan, you will have to pay immediately as the reserved plan is for all channels including Facebook, and not a ...
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      We will not charge any costs if there is no active user in your app. You can pause the subscription by selecting an On-demand plan and deleting all the channels to prevent having active users. By doing so, you could keep the Stella account and all ...