Can we send animated stickers in WhatsApp?

Can we send animated stickers in WhatsApp?

Currently, WhatsApp Business API does not support sending animated stickers (even in .webp format).
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    • Can I send stickers with WhatsApp?

      Yes, you can send stickers with WhatsApp. 1. Upload a .webp sticker file via our Attachment ID uploader. Then, copy and save the media id. 2. Go to the Advanced section of a response 3. Put the below code in a Response Object: {   "type": "STICKER", ...
    • May I know if WABA supports sending animated stickers?

      Currently, WABA does not support sending animated stickers. You could refer to the WhatsApp documentation here for all supported response types.
    • What should I do if receiving this error: "Message failed to send because of an unknown error"?

      It could be not enough memory and caused the server to be temporarily down. If the server is not connected in the health check, you could restart the server (after clicking Unlock) in the Stella platform, nad the Whstapp number will be back on line ...
    • Can I upload and send WhatsApp stickers via API?

      Yes, you can apply WhatsApp & Stella API to achieve that. You need to generate a media ID via the upload media API on WhatsApp, please click here for the details. (All the credentials are available on your Stella Channel's page) Then, you can call ...
    • Can we send 2 images in the WhatsApp template?

      No, you could only include 1 image or media in a WhatsApp template. Please either use a Media ID or URL to send a media, no need to fill in both fields.  Please refer to our documentation here on how to submit a WhatsApp template message.