Can we search members with OTN tag?

Can we search members with OTN tag?

Yes, Stella now supports user search members with OTN Tag and Notification Tag in the member fileter.

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    • What is Members?

      Members is the section where you can find the profile of all the subscribers to your chatbots. Anybody who has talked to your chatbot will be displayed here in list view. You can look at their tags and detailed conversation histories here.    Please ...
    • How to delete an existing tag for a member?

      Follow the procedure below to delete an existing tag for a member.  Head to "Member" on the top panel on Stella. Search for the member by name or external ID. Select "Details" of that particular member and delete any unwanted tags.
    • Can we search members in the priority group?

      Yes, Stella now supports users search members in the priority group by member external ID or name and search a priority group by the priority group name.
    • Why is there no member tag record in the Member page after adding member tag to the node?

      If you would like to track the user with the member tagging function, please add the member tag to the node after the chatbot is activated. For example, if you are using a comment reply chatbot for a Facebook post, the first tree node (the one with ...
    • How to apply custom info for member tag?

      You could add an advance member tag with this.member in the node to display the info saved in the member data before. return new Promise((resolve, reject) => { resolve({ tags: [`${this.member.botMeta.tempData.template}`] }) }) Please see the advanced ...