Can we search members in the priority group?

Can we search members in the priority group?

Yes, Stella now supports users search members in the priority group by member external ID or name and search a priority group by the priority group name.

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    • What is Members?

      Members is the section where you can find the profile of all the subscribers to your chatbots. Anybody who has talked to your chatbot will be displayed here in list view. You can look at their tags and detailed conversation histories here.    Please ...
    • Why the member in the priority group cannot trigger the testing tree?

      Please check if the member selected is from the same channel of the testing tree, especially for the WhatsApp channel as their External ID (phone number) is the same. You could check the channel of the selected tester in the priority group.
    • Can we search members with OTN tag?

      Yes, Stella now supports user search members with OTN Tag and Notification Tag in the member fileter.
    • How do I test the chatbot privately?

      You could create a channel with a testing platform (i.e. a dummy Facebook Page) on Channels and add the completed chatbot tree to your testing platform to test your chatbot. In addition, you may set up groups of selected testers to allow certain ...
    • How do I export the member list?

      Head to "Member" and filter the list of members. You can also filter by member tag if needed. Then, click the "Export" button to export the list as a .CSV file.