Can I upload and send WhatsApp stickers via API?

Can I upload and send WhatsApp stickers via API?

Yes, you can apply WhatsApp & Stella API to achieve that.
  1. You need to generate a media ID via the upload media API on WhatsApp, please click here for the details. (All the credentials are available on your Stella Channel's page)
  2. Then, you can call Stella sendResponse API to send a sticker response, you may click here for more information. 
  3. Please make sure you are using: and your core version is "next".

    Please remember to use "STICKER" as a response type in the body. For example:
    "type": "STICKER",
    "attachment_id": "0ee09075-6fc6-499c-8b4a-8d1b00ec4409"

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