Can I send stickers with WhatsApp?

Can I send stickers with WhatsApp?

Yes, you can send stickers with WhatsApp.

1. Upload a .webp sticker file via our Attachment ID uploader. Then, copy and save the media id.
2. Go to the Advanced section of a response

3. Put the below code in a Response Object:

  1. {
  2.   "type": "STICKER",
  3.   "attachment_id": "bf622a5f-32cb-443f-94c6-d3897c8b7a19"
  4. }
4. Replace the highlighted ID with the media id you just copied.

For creating stickers on WhatsApp, please follow these requirements:
  1. Each sticker has a transparent background.
  2. Stickers must be exactly 512x512 pixels.
  3. Each sticker must be less than 100 KB.
Please click here for more details.