Are there any notifications in Stella?

Are there any notifications in Stella?

Yes, you could find the notification button at the bottom right in the Stella bot builder.  You could click and view the success, info and error notifications for your account.

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    • What is a notification message?

      A notification message is one of the use cases of business-initiated messages which is also known as a message template or templated message. Please click here for more information on notification messages.
    • Is it possible for users to opt-in and out of different topics and receive messages only on topics they have opted in for?

      Yes, it is possiblefor users to opt-in to different topics. You must send out a one-time notification request, according to the official guide from Facebook. Through our system, you can automatically tag the users with topics they have opted in for ...
    • How to use Stella API ?

      Stella API is built around GraphQL. At, you are able to test and try out our GraphQL Open API with the following endpoint URL: For more details, please click here.
    • How many one-time notification requests can a Page send to a user?

      A Page can send multiple requests. However, the 24-hour policy will be applied to all the requests being sent. Facebook also have controls in place to prevent spamming users with multiple requests.
    • How to connect Shopify store to Stella?

      Our Standard Procedure Documentation will show you a step-by-step guideline on connecting Shopify store to Stella. It will also highlight tips you should pay attention to during your chatbot-building journey. For more details, please click here.